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    Pdf 32 Energy Audit PPT PDF Seminar Report & Presentation

    Energy Audit Paper Presentation & Seminar

    “Energy Audit” means the verification, monitoring and analysis of use of energy including submission of technical report containing recommendations for improving energy efficiency with cost benefit analysis and an action plan to reduce energy consumption. Energy audit is an important process to be carried out for energy conservation. In energy conservation, the thrust is given on the saving of energy while carrying out the required work. Some amount of energy is always required to carry out the required work which may be associated with inherent losses which cannot be eliminated. For example, in case of an induction motor, to operate it is necessary to pass the current through its winding with generates an alternating flux. This flux is responsible for an iron loss in the machine. The current causes the copper loss and since it is necessary to operate the motor, these losses cannot be eliminated. However, there are some additional losses such as bearing, fictional losses etc which are inherent, that can be reduced. These types of losses and their amount can be located using the technique of energy audit. The reduction of the losses located in energy audit, is done in energy conservation

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