Email Alert System Paper Presentation & Seminar

Today we are witnessing fast changes in telecommunications computer and telephone ate two technologies that have made significant revolution in communications, but for technological reasons they were developed separately. Fast development of communication and computer technology lead to the merging of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the internet to become global information network of integrated services. Internet services ate becoming a more important way of information exchange and communication, turning telephony and mobile telephony toward internet services.

One of the deficiencies of internet services over fixed and mobile telephony is the availability of service: internet services are available only when connected. The results of our research carried out before the development of the e-mail Alert (EMA) System show that internet users receive on average five to six e-mails every day and 82 percent of these users in the course of their internet connection check their mail box first. Thus there is a clear demand for the development of e-mail alerting systems. EMA system is computer telephony integration (CTI) application that integrates advantages of telephony and the internet by connecting e-mail and phone services. The EMA system will inform users of the arrival of new e-mail messages, which is convenient if you donít allow e-mail servers access from outside. On the other side are internet or service providers with a large number of users.

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