Coupled Field Analysis On Weld Structure Paper Presentation & Seminar

In the present scenario, products should be ensured for good quality. In order to achieve the required quality and reduced product development time, concept of Concurrent Engineering can be applied. Finite Element Analysis is one of the tools in concurrent engineering.

In this paper, the quality of a butt welded joint is analyzed using ANSYS 7.1- Finite Element Analysis Software. It is modeled as a three dimensional transient heat conduction problem. The process of welding is simulated as a moving heat source in the welding zone. The temperature distribution for different heat flux and weld speed are obtained from the Thermal analysis. The result of the Thermal analysis is given as input to the structural analysis and the coupled field analysis is carried out. The effect of input parameters such as heat flux and weld speed is analyzed. The simulation of results for various heat inputs and weld speed are obtained with aid of c++ coding.

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