Electroactive Polymers Paper Presentation & Seminar

Electro active polymers are soft actuation materials that are fastly replacing the conventional actuating materials such as piezo electric crystals, motors, screws etc:- As the name suggests, they essentially consists of a ionic polymer back bone metallic composite having positive counter ions. On the application of an electric field or small voltage, these EAPís will bend towards the anode.

They have properties resembling human muscles and are some times called ďartificial musclesĒ. The EAPís are now extensively revolutionizing the various industrial fields (esp. robotics), bio-medical field and find important applications in space exploration programs (esp. for NASA).

Several investigations are in its way to utilize the excellent properties of the polymer. These materials are now applied in various fields including robotics, medicine, defense etc:-and are effective alternatives for conventional sensors and actuators such as motors, gears, piezoelectric crystals, bearings, screws etc: - These are unique materials capable of soft actuation under low applied voltages. They have been called by some researchers Ďartificial musclesí due to their large strain characteristics and electro-mechanical-chemical muscle- like behavior.

They have been shown to be quite capable of low temperature actuation as well as being quite durable when compared to other actuators in their class. This leads to the belief that there is great potential for use in space applications. EAPís can change all the paradigm of design and they show great potential as soft robotic actuators, artificial muscles and dynamic sensors in macro-to-micro size range.

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