IP Over Sonet Paper Presentation & Seminar

With internet use continuing to explode, with an increasing number of users switching to IP- based networks, and with data traffic about to surpass voice traffic, network service providers have looking for a faster; more efficient, and less expensive transport technology to handle the heavy volumes of traffic they are experiencing.
With this in mind, many providers have decided to carry IP traffic, directly over SONET (synchronous optical network), rather than via frame relay, ATM backbones, or leased lines.

The explosive growth in Internet traffic has created the need to transport IP on highspeed links. In the days of low traffic volume between IP routers, bandwidth partitions over a common interface made it attractive to carry a IP over frame relay and/or as a traffic rules is becoming more desirable to carry IP traffic directly over the SONET, at least in the core backbone with very high pair wise demand. Currently the focus of IP transport continues to be data oriented. However, a significant trend in the industry, with the emergent demand for the support of real time IP services, is the development of routers with sophisticated quality of service mechanisms.

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