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Post: ENGINEERING PHYSICS/ APPLIED PHYSICS Ebook, presentation and lecture notes covering full semester syllabus
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UNIT - I - OPTICS : Interference - Superposition of waves - Young's double slit experiment - Coherence - Interference in thin films by reflection - Newton's rings - Diffraction - Fressnel and Fraunhofer diffractions - Fraunhofer diffraction at a Single slit - Double slit - Diffraction grating - Grating spectrum - Resolving power of a grating - Rayleigh's criterion for resolving power - Polarization - Types of Polarization - Double refraction - Nicol prism.

UNIT II - ULTRASONICS : Introduction - Production of ultrasonic waves - Magnetostriction method - Piezo electric method - Detection of ultrasonic waves - Properties of ultrasonic waves - Use of ultrasonics for nondestructive testing - Applications of ultrasonics.
ACOUSTICS OF BUILDINGS: Basic requirement of acoustically good hall - Reverberation and time of reverberation - Sabine's formula for reverberation time - Measurement of absorption coefficient of a material - Factors affecting the architectural acoustics and their remedy.

UNIT III - MAGNETIC PROPERTIES: Permeability - Magnetization - Origin of magnetic moment - Classification of magnetic materials - Dia, para and ferro magnetism - Hysteresis curve - Soft and hard magnetic materials.
SUPERCONDUCTIVITY: General properties - Meissner effect - Penetration depth - Type I and Type II superconductors - Flux quantization - DC and AC Josephson effect -BCS Theory - Applications of superconductors.

UNIT IV - CRYSTAL STRUCTURES AND X-RAY DIFFRACTION: Introduction -Space lattice - Basis - Unit cell - Lattice parameter - Bravais lattices - Crystal systems - Structure and packing fractions of Simple cubic - Body centered cubic - Face centered cubic crystals - Directions and planes in crystals - Miller indices - Separation between successive [h k l] planes - Diffraction of X-rays by crystal planes - Bragg's law - Laue method - Powder method.

UNIT V - LASERS : Introduction - Characteristics of lasers - Spontaneous and stimulated emission of radiation - Einstein's coefficients - Population inversion - Ruby laser - Helium-Neon laser - CO2 laser - Semiconductor laser - Applications of lasers in industry, scientific and medical fields.

UNIT VI - FIBER OPTICS AND HOLOGRAPHY: Introduction - Principle of optical fiber - Acceptance angle and acceptance cone - Numerical aperture - Types of optical fibers and refractive index profiles - Attenuation in optical fibers - Application of optical fibers - Basic principles of holography - Construction and reconstruction of image on hologram - Applications of holography.

UNIT VII - DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES: Introduction - Dielectric constant - Electronic, ionic and orientational polarizations - Internal fields in solids - Clausius - Mossotti equation - Dielectrics in alternating fields - Frequency dependence of the polarizability - Ferro and Piezo electricity.
THERMAL PROPORTIES : Introduction - Specific Heat of Solids - Einstein Model - Debye Model - Lattice Vibrations - Phonons - Thermal Conductivity.

UNIT VIII - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY OF NANOMATERIALS: Introduction to Nano materials - Basic principles of Nanoscience & Technology - Fabrication of nano materials - Physical & chemical properties of nanomaterials - Carbon nanotubes - Applications of nanotechnology.