Java Messenger Paper Presentation & Seminar

Teleconferencing or Chatting is a method of using technology to bring people and ideas “together” despite of the geographical barriers. The technology has been available for years but the acceptance it was quit recent.
There are so many messengers already developed and performing well for the Internet. In order to use messengers of this type a user always has to connect to the internet, which may cost many and time.

If the users in organizations want to pass the messages or chat with in the organization they can‟t use Internet always which may cause security problems. So they should use a messenger, which may send the messages with in the network and Internet.

Our project is entitled as Java Messenger. It is made up of two applications the client application, which runs on the user‟s Pc and server application, which runs on any Pc on the network. To start chatting client should get connected to server where they can practice two kinds of chatting, public one (message is broad casted to all connected users) and private one (between any 2 users only) and during the last one security measures were taken.

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