Multimedia Messaging Services Paper Presentation & Seminar

The mobile population is increasing like anything and to meet the ever-increasing demand of the mobile users is not a simple task. A grueling research in various fields of science has already begun in various parts of the globe to find a new and innovative means of mobile communication, which must completely satisfy the mobile users. Keeping this important point under consideration this paper has been framed on a unique; or rather an interesting topic called MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services), which is gaining a tremendous momentum in the recent past and which is expected to dominate the future of mobile technology.

The main aim of this paper is to uncover the hidden secrets of the multimedia messaging services, which has already created a mobile revolution in some parts of the world. This paper starts with a very brief information about the generations of mobile technology and then the multimedia messaging services (MMS) is unleashed in a very interesting and informative manner. This comparisons between MMS, SMS, EMS is well discussed in depth. This paper also deals with SMIL-Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language,

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