Optical Ethernet Paper Presentation & Seminar

LAN forms basis of all commercial,research,and data communication networks.Recently an increase in applications demand significantly higher band width. Ethernet is an easy to understand and extremely cost-effective technology. For these reasons, 98% of local area network (LAN) connections are now Ethernet based. To meet this,high speed LAN types have been developed ,including a number of variations of basic ethernetLANs. CSMA/CD(carrier sense multiple access with collision detection) is used widely in wired LANs as a MAC(Medium Acess Control) method. Transmission medium is coaxial cable (ether) up to 2.5km long,with repeaters at every 500meters.Upto 256 machines could be attached to the system via transceivers screwed onto the cable.The system ran at 2.94Mbps

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