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Thread: Quantum Computing PPT PDF Paper Presentation & Seminar Report

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    Pdf 32 Quantum Computing PPT PDF Paper Presentation & Seminar Report

    Quantum Computing Paper Presentation & Seminar

    The history of computer technology has involved a sequence of changes ~ZT\ one type of physical realization to another from gears to relays to valves to ~3nsistors to integrated circuits and so on. Today's advanced lithographic *r-:hniques can squeeze fraction of micron wide logic gates and wires onto the s^face of silicon chips. Soon they will yield even smaller parts and inevitably each a point where logic gates are so small that they are made out of only a -^ndful of atoms; i.e. the size of the logic gates become comparable to the size r atoms.

    On the atomic scale matter obeys the rules of quantum mechanics, which j-e quite different from the classical rules that determine the properties of conventional logic gates. So if computers are to become smaller in the future, quantum technology must replace or supplement what we have now. The :cint is, however, that quantum technology can offer much more than cramming —ore and more bits to silicon and multiplying the clock-speed of - coprocessors. It can support entirely new kind of computation with qualitatively new algorithms based on quantum principles!

    Please find the attached file along with this

    If You have any query regarding the files.Please feel free to ask.I'll be glad to help you.

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    Re: Quantum Computing PPT PDF Paper Presentation & Seminar Report

    pls post ieee format base paper

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