dear iitians and all the ppl aspiring for being the same....!
its the time to remind u all about the amazing abilities u possess in yourslf......not just becoz u call urslf an IITian...(~sounds gr8 huh.. ;),...!! well indeed thr's somethng vry different in you ppl.....for which u gain confidence frm inside whn u call urslf an iitian wherever u go...........ppl hv some great perceptions bout the tag.....and its true that they do hv immense capacity to achieve feats which seem quite impossible for an ordinary fellow..!..Super power countries like US identified the great talent pool hidden in these corners of world.....ofcourse they had..! The entrance exam being the toughest exam of world and hardly 3% gettng selected for being an IIT guy..!

minimum system requirements to get into IIT.

1. Hard Work. Slog twenty five hours a day or die trying.
2. Brain, Sense and Logic. Nah, this is not the kind of logic used in chess and solitaire. Its Nerdy logic..!....(genrally the guys who fear complexity of math..will undstand the pain )

Life tkes totaly a diffrent turn after getting into the heavens of knowledge..!
iitians life isn't an ordinary one......One of the toughest cirriculums ever followed....IITians undergo rigourous training for being the most exceptional and highly focused profesionals..!

In this fast-paced modern jst like race.....thousands are running...but only few are winning..! The lust of getting placed in good multi-national compny with great packages and better posting is the only dream left for these graduates ...... in order to earn something...and make settlements....these ppl r losing the prime objective...the most primitive goals...for which they are being set for..!! yet these ppl end up doing jobs like other ordinary guys ..working software comnpnies for the sake of few currency notes and hv a comfortable living .. doesn't seem to be suited for them..! they haven't being made to be the slaves of the masters....rather they have been created for being the masters and beat other masters..!

For a guy in is the limit.... empowering their potential for achieving the goals having a SUBSTANCE...!!
Many IITians we all know....narayn murthi,rajat gupta,arun sarin...and lots more......hv became the most nobel leaders ruling the corporate worlds ......

but at the same time...there r many others who had been outsanding throughout thr lives and get enslaved in the countries like US..jst to convert their rupees into dollars....and make thr living.......!

The interactions, the chats, the collaborations, the brainstorming, the fun, the highs, the times that each IITian has had with his fellows is what is so valuable about this place. It is radically transforming and unique.

nOWDAYS talent pool of IIT is getting drained .... being the most talented professionals.. most of them had shown their reluctancy of getting ahead and acheiving the impossible...which is no doubt.. way easier for them..!

the motive behind my writing of this article is to ignite some fire in young talented masterminds like YOU.....and provoke YOU to run a different race...Remembr...u are the master and creator of your own destiny..not the followers of the destiny created by others...!!

YOU are the flame of knowledge,when you burn..the rays of your flame lighten the darkness of the world...YOU are the winds of creation , when YOU flow the world gets created...YOU are the lands emerging beyond horizons... and depths where no one can reach...!! YOU are none others......but IITians..!