Introduction: This Manual presents a systematic way to help engineers master different disciplines of civil engineering in a easy manner and within a short time. I feel proud to introduce the new method “VC-Q&A Method”, which makes use of the easy-reading style of Q&A to achieve efficient and effective mastering of different fields of civil engineering. \

Unlike other professionals, civil engineers are “deemed” to be equipped with a wide range of engineering knowledge. It is extremely rare that civil engineers are solely responsible for a particular field of engineering without touching on other disciplines. To put it simple, when one builds a structure, you not only have to understand its concrete nature itself, but also its foundation, its associated drainage and sewage infrastructure. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for civil engineers to appreciate and learn other disciplines of civil engineering other than their own expertise.

In fact, the idea of “VC-Q&A Method” originates from my past learning experience. My knowledge of different fields of civil engineering was acquired mainly through the curious questioning of prevailing civil engineering practice and subsequent tedious searching for answers. This mode of critical thinking and the essence of issues are embodied into this Manual. The essence of “VC-Q&A Method” is to let readers experience my previous thinking path through my Q&A and guide them to use Q&A approach to learn and study further. I wish that this Manual presents a big step forward in helping practicing engineers to learn different fields of civil engineering in the most interesting and easy way.

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