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Thread: Software Radio PDF Seminar Report & Presentation

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    Software Radio PDF Seminar Report & Presentation

    The pace of technological advances is so fast that the communication devices become obsolete within just few years of their production. To keep up with this pace, communications systems must be designed to maximize the transparent insertion of new technologies at virtually every phase of their lifecycles.When these new technologies are inserted, the upgraded devices should still be able to communicatewith each other.
    Software Radio is an Advancement In Mobile Technology.
    The term Software radio (SR) was coined in 1990s to overcome these problems. A software radio is a communications device whose functionality is defined in software. Defining the radio behavior in software removes the need for hardware alterations during a technology upgrade. By moving the radio functionality from hardware to software, promises to change the economics of deploying and operating wireless networks. In order to maintain interoperability, the systems should be built on a well defined, standardized, open architecture.
    Wireless networks are heavy spectrum consumers. Spectrum being very scarce quantity there is a problem in allocating spectrum to new standards and services because it could hinder the future developments in this industry. At this stage the developments in the software defined radio is a boost to the wireless industry as a whole.

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    Re: Software Radio PDF Seminar Report & Presentation

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