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Thread: A High Data Rate Frequency Hopping Modulation Scheme PDF Report

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    Pdf 32 A High Data Rate Frequency Hopping Modulation Scheme PDF Report

    One of the great advantages of the proposed modulation scheme is that design and development can start now, there is no need of technology transfer from a single source or the need to prove a modulation scheme. A complete description of /4 DQPSK is given. The detail here is sufficient to enable the design and development of systems. It is clearly a modulation scheme that is bandwidth efficient and enables good performance at low cost, hence its selection for the Japanese digital cordless telephone standard.
    Ideally with a wireless product, there is freedom for the manufacturer to balance cost versus performance, /4 DQPSK has this ability, one can select to develop the 'ideal' system or a lower cost system with very reasonable performance.The higher data rate inputs have been focused on the use of non linear amplifiers. However this places serious constraints on the data rate achieved or degrades the performance of the radio link. Technically the only route to achieve higher data rates without significant loss of performance is to follow the route of non constant amplitude envelope modulation. One advantage of /4 DQPSK is that 'reasonably linear' transmit amplifiers can be used that have acceptable efficiency, not as poor as those assumed to date.

    The report on "High Data Rate Frequency Hopping Modulation Scheme" is attached below

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