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Thread: embedded Security Using Public Key Cryptography In Mobile Phones PDF seminar report

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    Pdf 32 Embedded Security Using Public Key Cryptography In Mobile Phones PDF seminar report

    As mobile networks expand their bandwidth, mobile phones, as with any other Internet device, become substantially exposed to Internet security vulnerabilities. Since mobile phones are becoming popular and widely distributed, they are increasingly used for financial transactions and related electronic commerce. Consequently, they will feature applications that also demand adequate security functions. In this regard, the prevailing security system in wired networks could be extended to wireless networks as well.

    There are many schemes for enforcing security, of which, the most efficient is the public key infrastructure(PKI), employing public key cryptography. Extension of PKI to wireless networks demands for a modification of the existing technologies. In this paper, we propose an idea for implementing public key cryptography in mobile phones, by means of a comprehensive design, with due consideration for the hardware aspects as well. Public key cryptography deals with a secure way of encrypting documents, by the use of public and private keys.

    PKI, of which public key cryptography forms the essential part, ensures more protection and privacy than the existing methods like IDs and passwords. A mobile phone with public key cryptography capabilities can also act as an authentication device for access-control systems, based on the challenge-response mechanism. Introducing a highly advanced security concept such as PKI to the wireless Internet will facilitate the rapid market adoption of secure, web-based transaction and authentication services such as mobile banking, mobile brokerage and mobile payment. The freedom of the wire free world combined with the security and authentication made possible by PKI will change the face of commerce for businesses and consumers alike.<br>

    Detailed report on Embedded Security Using Public Key Cryptography can be found in the following attachment

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