Since the evolution of man he has always tried learn and gain as much as possible for himself and his community, to relate him self to the various cultures castes and creeds of mankind. This Quest for realizing and exploring has lead to inventive thinking and a constant probation.

To relate to each other throughout the world they have fore bared the gap of communication to expunge one such a minuscule but major hurdle a common Global System for communications was founded communication on the move with a bit to bit elaboration was analyzed and the forth presentation bears the facts of a Global System For Mobile communication and on which basis it is employed along with the assets & environment.

1st and 2nd Generation Mobile Communications

  • 1st Generation cellular mobiles phones used analog channels
  • 2nd Generation cellular mobiles use digital channels

1st generation analog cellular mobile communication contained of analog channels, each cell has bunch of different freq channels & each costumer is given a particular frequency channel.

2nd generation digital cellular mobile communications constituted of digital channels, a number of costumers share a particular frequency channel dynamically through TDMA.

below is the attachment to download a deatailed report on GSM using TDMA