Wireless communications are an essential and continuously expanding part of modern life. Smart phones presents a number of challenging requirements on the display module, such as low power consumption, video quality speed, and viewability in a broad range of lighting conditions.

The Interferometric Modulator (IMOD) is an electrically switched light modulator comprising a micro-machined cavity that is switched on and off using driver ICs similar to those used to address LCDs. An IMOD based reflective flat panel display can comprise hundreds of thousands of individually addressable IMOD elements. IMOD displays represent one of the largest examples of a micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) based device. In one state an IMOD reflects light at a specific wavelength and gives pure, bright colors while in a second state it absorbs incident light and appears black to the viewer. As clear as an image on paper, IMOD displays can be viewed in any lighting condition including direct sunlight. Two to three times as bright as other technology.

The IMOD displays minimize eye strain, and their wide viewing cones are free of the inversion effects that plague polarization-based displays. Qualcomm’s new media FLO technology will enable user to watch high performance video on portable device and applications such as this need a display offering superior viewability and less power consumption. The Qualcomm’s IMOD display technology will overcome all above mentioned requirements.

Below is a detailed report attached for interferometric modulator