Hi, FaaDoOs......... Please let me introduce myself now lately although I joined this forum almost 2 years back ... I am a Software Engineer and Computer Science Faculty at a Pvt. College in Assam. I have been working on PHP, MySql based technologies and web portals / web based applications besides Content Mgmt. Systems based on PHP Frameworks like Drupal, Joomla etc. since 2011. Prior to that I had been working on VB, ASP etc. Microsoft technologies in some Pvt. IT companies in Assam. Recently I joined a Pvt. PG Degree / Law College as Asstt. Professor of IT & Mgmt. I had surely got help from the Study Material / E-Books downloaded from this forum and I think in future also I am surely going to get immensely benefited from the forum and hope to be associated with this novel concept / initiative from the Two Minds Technology Pvt. Ltd. for a long time to come.... So, I have to thank this forum a lot and hope you can also guide me how I can show my FaaDoO Giri in the right way... Let's cheer for ..... FaaDoO Giri Rocks !!! Thanks & Regards, Sandipon Goswami