Due to our educational system standards Teachers give Notes with Question and Answer(question Bank/Study Material) and students wont read Text Books.But they never teach we are knowing concepts (and their solutions in case of applying).Students are breaking their heads for remembering/mug up studies -we don't need to remember just knowing the concept what it is for.I(students) read many thousands of question and answers every year and attempt multiple times of exams from childhood but never remember them now.Basically i am going to clarify we cannot remember anything if we read by question and answers pattern followed by Teachers unless we read Text Books and Visualizing what are the concepts in Text books are written. we feel the author is speaking to us and makes us to visualize the story play,concepts any thing.

It would be better if we read text books from childhood and understand /Visualize them by questioning ourselves - simply by 5 'W - https://open.bufferapp.com/5-whys-process/ and also attaching the a file how to visualize and remember the key things that makes to learn conceptually.parents please observe how your children are learning and reading skills.I was a student used to mugup every thing and faced lot of stress and went to panic how to read and understand. Most of them know these however making a student/children to learn and understand by this way helps to remember through out their life.Please suggest if there any changes to add here. I am not good at writing - grammar mistakes may exists.