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Thread: Optical Switching PPT PDF Download Report

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    Pdf 32 Optical Switching PPT PDF Download Report

    Explosive information demand in the internet world is creating enormous needs for capacity expansion in next generation telecommunication networks. It is expected that the data- oriented network traffic will double every year.

    Optical networks are widely regarded as the ultimate solution to the bandwidth needs of future communication systems. Optical fiber links deployed between nodes are capable to carry terabits of information but the electronic switching at the nodes limit the bandwidth of a network. Optical switches at the nodes will overcome this limitation. With their improved efficiency and lower costs, Optical switches provide the key to both manage the new capacity Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) links as well as gain a competitive advantage for provision of new band width hungry services.

    However, in an optically switched network the challenge lies in overcoming signal impairment and network related parameters.The attachment below contains a report which discusses the present status, advantages and challenges and future trends in optical switches.

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