The SATMODE system provides a revolutionary low cost solution for low data rate transmission over satellite, in support of interactive television services. This low cost is achieved through the introduction of constant envelope modulation, and efficient channel coding techniques. The SATMODE system specifications will be proposed as a new Cenelec standard in Europe. The lac k of an efficient and scalable return path has always limited true interactivity over satellite TV. Remote interactivity is the key element needed for the continuation of growth of digital television through the introduction of new services. This interactivity requires a scalable, secured, always on permanent instantaneous connectivity.SATMODE answers this need, allowing the connection of TV consumers individually, both ways with their iTV content providers, with other consumers, with other infrastructures (GSM and internet) in real time, at any time, all the time. The main characteristics of SATMODE are: always on connectivity, packet transmission, ability to carry IP, bi t rate adaptability (1 to 64 kbit/s), random access scheme, flexible air-interface. Although compatible with existing satellites, SATMODE is designed to be ready for new generations of space segments. The new technology under SATMODE provides interactivity for satellite television. Previously, interactivity for satellite television was only possible through terrestrial return channels such as phone connections from a viewer's STB (set-top box) to the TV content broadcast.

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