The switched reluctance motor (SRM) is an electric motor which operates on reluctance torque. it has field coils wounded around like in DC motor for the stator windings. It works on the same principle as for Stepper motor; the magnetic material suspended in magnetic field align in direction of field due to torque. Basically its kind of a Stepper motor which rotates through a step angle when input is applied. The speed of switched reluctance motor is directly proportional to pulse frequency.

Switched reluctance motor has got a high power density at low cost, which makes them ideal for many applications. But when this motor is operated at low speed then it experiences a high torque ripple and due to high torque ripple noise is caused. uptil now their use has been limited due to inherent in designing them as well as controlling them. use of sophesticated computer design tools and low cost embedded systems have overcome this challenge.

A detailed presentation is attached below regarding switched reluctance motor