The present world focuses on three E’s - The Energy, Economy and Environment. In this context, the Energy plays a preceding role in the present Need of the Hour. The energy crises alarmed the entire world in 1973, stimulates the possibilities of energy reduction, which remains unanswered all these years.

The answer to this question is “Energy conservation”. Presently most of the modern technologies thrive to Conserve Energy. One of the proficient tools for the Energy Conservation is the Energy Audit.

Global Energy statistics says that Industries use approximately 33% of Total Energy Production. Pivoting this idea in the mind, a simple Preliminary Energy Audit was conducted at C.Abdul Hakeem College Of Engineering and Technology, Melvisharam.

A detailed study of the process is carried out followed by paying attention to individual energy intensive areas and the various potentials for the conservation measures have been clearly analyzed in this project.

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