As the term wireless optical communications (WOC) suggests, this is a group of technologies that use light to communicate through the air, and require clear line of sight between units. Modern systems typically use lasers or light-emitting diodes to produce the light at one end, while photo diodes at the receiver sense the incoming light, and send an appropriate signal to a connected computer.

In the telecommunications space, WOC systems are in use in niche applications, mostly for high-bandwidth applications needing to transfer hundreds of megabits per second, over distances typically less than a kilometer. Recent developments promise to bring WOC into the realm of inexpensive consumer products.

This paper deals with the Wireless Optical Communication (WOC). In this paper we mainly discuss the problems with the conventional methods of communication such as Permissions, License fees, Lack of International standardization, Wastage of power and Security and how this new technology of WOC can be used to overcome these problems, along with its own set of advantages. We also discuss about the competitions it is facing and how it stands apart, and finally how low cost user friendly devices built using this technology can be used in the Rural Indian Scenario.

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