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Thread: Synchronization In Embedded Systems PDF Seminar & Presentation

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    Pdf 32 Synchronization In Embedded Systems PDF Seminar & Presentation

    Latencies and timing uncertainties involved in orchestrating the operation of multiple measurement components present a significant challenge in building automated test systems. These issues, often overlooked during the initial system design, limit the speed and accuracy of the system. However, with a good understanding of timing and synchronization technologies, you can address these issues from the onset and deploy a system optimized for throughput and performance.

    Most automated measurements for test fall into one of two categories. The first category, often called time-domain measurements, characterizes the variation of a device under test (DUTs) output over time. For these measurements, the accuracy of the measured response depends not only on the accuracy of its magnitude, but also on the time at which the signals are measured.

    The second type or steady-state measurements occurs when one or more inputs of known valueare applied to the DUT and its outputs can settle to their steady-state value before you measure the signals. In this case, the measurement process depends on the time of the measurement -- if you measure the signals too early, accuracy suffers because the source output may not have fully settled. Although you can measure the signals accurately any time after the output has settled, you must minimize the delay to reduce test time. Many test developers insert an arbitrary delay in their test programs to ensure accurate results.
    While this is a simple fix, test time suffers.

    In this paper, example applications will illustrate the requirement on interfaces between the control system and the instrumentation hardware. A survey of the major accelerator facilities will identify the most popular interface standards.

    Below is attached a detailed document on Synchronization In Embedded Systems

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    Re: Synchronization In Embedded Systems PDF Seminar & Presentation

    great job

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