INTRODUCTION :At first, I am so much thankful to you mam for giving me an opportunity to send an autobiography about myself. So i start with basic informations about me:I AM STATEMENTS : I am Anand kumar I am twenty two and young I am optimistic I am quite aggressive I am very much into fashion I am sporty (chess, cricket) I am independent I am a best friend ,brother ,son & boyfriend I am hard working I am the boy who loves pets ,eating candy ,drinking soft drinks I am the boy whom you can talk about any thing I am Me, Myself & IMY BIRTH PLACE & STORY : I was born on August 28th ,1992 at Jamshedpur (Tatanagar), Jharkhand in the night at around 11:30 pm. I was a healthy ,too cute baby. Jamshedpur is known as the Steel city in India also it is known as Tatanagar given by Jamshed ji Tata. About 200 of companies of Tata group is there in the Jamshedpur.