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Thread: Collection of FaaDoO English SMSes!!!

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    Favorite 32 Collection of FaaDoO English SMSes!!!

    Hey FaaDoOs

    There are a lot of english SMSes floating around...let us share some of the best english smses on this thread!!

    Here's my collection of my Fav English SMSes..

    A boy was teaching maths to a girl. He kissed her & then kissed her again & said, this is addition. Then the girl kissed him & said, this is subtraction. Then they kissed each other & said, this is multiplication. Suddenly the girl's dad came & beat the boy & threw him away & said this is called DIVISION.

    Life without Friends is like Boobs without Nipples...
    ****** POINTLESS!

    There's absolutely no reason to fear menopause....
    It`s the eggs that expire & not the Hen....
    And the Cock still enjoys it! LOL

    Man has 23 useless part. 20 Nails he can,t Hammer, 2 Balls he can't Throw and 1 Cock that doesn't Crow. Ladies don't laugh, ur Pussies cant catch Mice either!

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    Re: FaaDoO English SMS

    Q1: Do u believe in sleeping with a total stranger?
    A: Yuck! Never.

    Q2: Do u believe in arranged marriages?
    A: Yes, of course

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    Re: FaaDoO English SMS

    Believe in love, it has great powers!

    It can REMOVE Misunderstandings, Anxieties, Worries, Doubts, Fears, Tears, T-shirts, Tops, Jeans, etc. etc. etc.

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    Re: FaaDoO English SMS

    Doctor: Ur knees all blistered?
    Lady: Coz of doggy style!

    Doctor: Can't u do it any other style?
    Lady: Oh, I can, but my dog can`t!

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    Re: FaaDoO English SMS

    A woman whose hubby took "Extra Dosage of Viagra", to her friend:

    My Husband has become so horny that I can't even 'YAWN' in front of him.

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    Re: FaaDoO English SMS

    Best lines by a cockroach to a young man,

    "I can make your girlfriend scream louder than you can".

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    Re: FaaDoO English SMS

    Women's tears are like male sperms, one in million is for the right cause...
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    Re: FaaDoO English SMS

    3 Secrets of healthy and active life
    1. Ramdev in the morning.
    2. Namdev in the evening.
    3. Kamdev at night.
    Enjoy daily with these tridev.

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    Re: FaaDoO English SMS

    A School once held a contest for kids. the theme of d contest was, 'The Nicest Thing My Father Did For Me'....

    The Winning kid said, "NOT WEARING A CONDOM"..


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