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Thread: Emission- Causes Effects And Control PDF PPT Seminar Report

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    Pdf 32 Emission- Causes Effects And Control PDF PPT Seminar Report

    In recent times the environment has come under heavy attack due to various problem created by the internal combustion engine powered vehicle. The most serious of these problems is air pollution. Where as the main problem facing the developing countries is pollution. India is facing the same severe problem of pollution.

    The main pollutants present in this type of air are carbon monoxide (CO) un-burnt hydrocarbons (UBHC), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) & lead & other particulate pollutants. The major causes of these emissions are non-stoitiometric combustion, dissociation of nitrogen, and impurities in the fuel & air. The emissions of concern are unburnt hydrocarbons (HC), oxides of carbon, oxides of nitrogen, oxides of sculpture, &solid carbon particulates. It is the dream of engineers and scientists to develop the engines and fuels such that very few quantities of harmful emissions are generated, and these could be let into the surroundings without a major impact on the environment.

    However, with the present technology this is not possible, and after –treatment of the exhaust gases as well as in-cylinder reduction of emissions are very important. Incase of after-treatment it consist mainly of use of thermal or catalytic converter and particulate traps .For in-cylinder reduction exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and some fuel additives are being tried. In addition to exhaust emissions also play a part. Here air injection method and exhaust gas recirculation are also used to reduce emission from engines.

    Check out detailed report attached below on Emission- Causes Effects And Control Of Diesel Engine

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    Re: Emission- Causes Effects And Control PDF PPT Seminar Report

    i want ppt of engine emissions and their controls

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