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Post: Intelligence Ambulance for City traffic police control PDF - Full report -ECE Project
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Introduction : This particular project is designed for the cities with heavy traffic .Eg: In Bangalore the roads are full jammed every time.

Most of the time the traffic will at least for 100meters .In this distance the traffics police canít hear the siren form the ambulance .so he ignores this .

Then the ambulance has to wait till the traffic is left. Some times to leave the traffic it takes at least 30 minutes .So by this time any thing can happen to the patient .So this project avoid these disadvantages.

According to this project if any ambulance comes near when the ambulance at emergency comes to any traffic post the traffic signals automatically stop the signals and give green signal for this ambulance.

Please find the following attachments" Intelligence Ambulance for City traffic police control seminar report/pdf download" here..........