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Thread: Flying Windmills Or Flying Electric Generator PPT PDF Seminar Report

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    Pdf 32 Flying Windmills Or Flying Electric Generator PPT PDF Seminar Report

    High Altitude Wind Power uses flying electric generator (FEG) technology in the form of what have been more popularly called flying windmills, is a proposed renewable energy project over rural or low-populated areas, to produce around 12,000 MW of electricity with only 600 well clustered rotorcraft kites that use only simple autogyro physics to generate far more kinetic energy than a nuclear plant can.

    According to Sky WindPower; the overuse of fossil fuels and the overabundance of radioactive waste from nuclear energy plants is taking our planet once again down a path of destruction, for something that is more expensive and far more dangerous in the long run. FEG technology is just cheaper, cleaner and can provide more energy than those environmentally unhealthy methods of the past, making it a desirable substitute/alternative.

    The secret to functioning High Altitude Wind Power is efficient tether technology that reaches 15,000 feet in the air, far higher than birds will fly, but creating restricted airspace for planes and other aircraft.

    The same materials used in the tethers that hold these balloons in place can also hold flying windmills in place; and with energy cable technology getting ever lighter and stronger .Flying windmills appear to be 90 percent more energy efficient in wind tunnel tests than their land-based counterparts; that is three times more efficiency due to simple yet constantly abundant and effective high altitude wind power, available only 15,000 feet in the air by way of clustered rotor craft kites tethered with existing anti-terrorist technologies like those used on the Mexican/American border radar balloons.

    High Altitude Wind Power offers itself as a clean and more powerful source of power generation than anything available on-the-grid at present and if Sky WindPower Corp. has their way, FEG technology and flying windmills will take the lead of a more sustainable future within the decade.

    Flying electric generators (FEGs) are proposed to harness kinetic energy in the powerful, persistent high altitude winds. Average power density can be as high as 20 kW/m2 in a approximately 1000 km wide band around latitude 30in both
    Earth hemispheres. At 15,000 feet (4600 m) and above, tethered rotorcraft, with four or more rotors mounted on each unit, could give individual rated outputs of up to 40 MW. These aircraft would be highly controllable and could be flown in arrays, making them a large-scale source of reliable wind power. The aerodynamics, electrics, and control of these craft are described in detail, along with a description of the tether mechanics. A 240 kW craft has been designed to demonstrate the concept at altitude. It is anticipated that large-scale units would make low cost electricity available for grid supply, for hydrogen production, or for hydro-storage from large-scale generating facilities.

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    Re: Flying Windmills Or Flying Electric Generator PPT PDF Seminar Report

    thank u for ur support

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    thnk u for specifying the personality development and interview skills andd much more xtra information on ur site

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    Re: Flying Windmills Or Flying Electric Generator PPT PDF Seminar Report

    really Faadooengineers has got very useful and supporting stuff......thk u

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    Re: Flying Windmills Or Flying Electric Generator PPT PDF Seminar Report good stuff here ....

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