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Thread: how to download ebook

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    how to download ebook

    how to download ebook

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    Re: how to download ebook

    Quote Originally Posted by chisti abrar View Post
    how to download ebook
    Do remember only registered users, who have validated their registered email ID can download study materials from website. To do so, follow the mentioned steps:

    Step 1: Open
    Step 2: Register to the website - top cornet right hand side
    Step 3: Fill the form and click submit
    step 4: You would receive the validation email in your email, click on the link.
    step 5: Now you land to website.
    Step 6: On the top hand side of the page, there is a search button.
    Step 6: Search the study material that you want.
    Step 7: Many Thread option would appear. Click the desire one you want to download.
    Step 8: For better results, open few relevant threads, that appear in search results.
    Step 9: look for attachments in the thread mention. Try going to last page or browse few page.
    Step 10: Once you find the attachment (PDF icon) click on it and it would automatically downloaded.
    Step 11: Now you can Thank us smile emoticon

    Hope this helps.

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