Conventional speed governors are designed only to limit the maximum speed attainable by a vehicle. We are trying to implement Preventive Safety Systems using advanced Mechatronics and Active Safety Methods. This system can provide necessary warning and aid to the driver when required.

Nowadays speed governor is a common term of which almost everyone is familiar with. Speed governor is just a device that alerts the driver and decrease the speed of the vehicle when the vehicle speed exceeds the reference value entered in the speed governor. This thought i.e. whether this speed governor which merely controls the speed of a vehicle is worth in a fast moving society of ours ended up in an alternative for speed governor that can take decisions according to varying environmental and driver behavior.

Active safety systems are gradually becoming practical with advance in environment sensing and vehicle control technologies. On the other hand analyses of driver mistakes retrieved to as ”human errors”, in road accidents has shown that driver continues to make mistakes in the cognition of their external world and judging the safe or not safe. A total 60% of all rear and almost 30% of head-on collision could have been avoided if the driver reacted mere a half a second early. So in this paper we are focusing on driver aids which combines both environment senses and driver monitoring system.

The development of driver supporting system that address the mistakes made by drivers requires Environmental sensors, driver monitoring system and a brake assist system to ordinate vehicle control.

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