Traffic Study is carried out

  • To obtain the knowledge of the type and volume of traffic at present and to estimate future traffic that the road is expected to carry.
  • To determine the facilities provided on the roads such as traffic regulation and control, intersections, so that improvement on the basis of traffic density may be carried out.
  • To design the geometric features and pavement thickness on the basis of traffic surveys.

For an economic development of our country proper Transportation planning is a must. In the present stage, there is a lack of statistical or traffic data. So, A traffic study such as Traffic volume study, speed study, O & D study. should be conducted throughout the country on a sampling basis to find out the capacities under different topographic conditions, traffic composition, surface conditions for both rural and urban areas and the existing traffic data should be utilised in an optimum way by proper co-ordination between various modes of transport.

Estimation of future traffic by mechanical method and analytical method is done on scientific basis. for estimating future traffic by analytical method, O & D Traffic study gives the better idea for urban areas.

Download the presentation from the attachment for Traffic Study And Forecasting