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Thread: Wireless Electric System PDF PPT Presentation

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    Pdf 32 Wireless Electric System PDF PPT Presentation

    The term wireless transmission stands for interchange of power, electricity, data or any other type of information. According to the electrical point of view, transmission lines are used for transmitting power supply. But there is a major risk of electrical hazards like short circuits, power failure, & breakdown of transmission lines.So, we have suggested an innovative idea to overcome all these electrical hazards. Just remove the transmission lines.

    For this, we have use microwaves. we are very familiar to microwave ovens. We have implemented the principle of microwave ovens for our receivers & transmitters.Microwaves have wavelengths approximately in the range of 30 cms (freq= 1 GHz ) to 1 mm (freq= 300 GHz ).The term microwaves generally refers to A.C. signals with frequencies between 300 MHz & 300 GHz.
    The microwave range includes ultra high frequencies ( 0.3-3 GHz ), super high frequencies (3-30 GHz ), & extremely high frequencies (30-300 GHz ) signals.

    We have used these microwaves for our wireless transmission.

    Click on the link below to download presentation on wireless electric system

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    Re: Wireless Electric System PDF PPT Presentation

    Hi, I am interested in making a working model on this for my final year electrical engineering project. So, i want to know if you have made a working model on this and if so please provide me with details regarding construction, materials required and overall cost of the project.
    Awaiting your response eagerly.

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    Re: Wireless Electric System PDF PPT Presentation

    i want the details of this topic... can u please send me the ppt and everything related to it...
    waiting for it...
    please send it soon...

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