Hi, I have been having these skin colored dots for like TWO months now x''''( and I'm pretty sure they're whiteheads...oh gosh, well, anyways, I would like to know the very best way to get rid of them, along with how to get rid of blackheads which are located on my nose...please oh please, oh and a good skin care routine would be oh so very helpful. I know I'm asking for a lot so, please bare with me here, um, also, what products should I buy to wash my face, I'm thinking of dove's extra sensitive soap- because my mom won't let me use foams or non-foams; well things that aren't soap when I wash my face, is that okay? As you can tell, I'm not very educated in these kinds of things...It was hard enough to persuade my mom that normal soap was bad, so, is it ok if i'm using dove soap? Or is it just the same...Thanks a bunch for your guys' help!!