The WEC wave energy conversion is a new, highly efficient technology that harnesses the immense, renewable energy contained in ocean waves. Its unique ability to extract and convert energy from both the rising and falling of waves, represents a technological breakthrough.

A wave energy conversion apparatus comprises at least two devices , each comprising a surface float , at least one of the surface floats being rigidly attached to a submerged body . The movement between the at least two devices preferably effects an energy generation which is harnessed by the linkages.

The apparatus may also include mooring systems that maintain the complete apparatus in a position that is consistent with statutory requirements and not significantly inhibit its efficient operation.

The social, ecological and environmental impacts also needs to be adressed. The need for research and investigations in this area must not be underestimated. Today, several countries have national efforts within wave energy. The dominating countries in the development of wave power have so far been Denmark, India, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Portugal, The Netherlands, Australia, UK and USA.

Below attached is a report and presentation on Propulsion systems for detailed view