This paper is intended for use by anyone who wishes to gain a basic understanding of how to monitor and quantify ground borne vibration arising from piling and other activities caused by civil engineering works.

Why is it necessary to measure ground vibrations?

It goes without saying that in order to quantify a problem, or potential problem, it is first necessary to measure it. There are basically three reasons why there may be a requirement to measure vibration during civil engineering works:
a. To ensure that levels of vibration do not cause damage to

b. To prevent annoyance to people by maintaining the lowest
possible levels.

c. To demonstrate compliance with conditions.

It is also becoming a matter of ‘Best Practice’ to carry out ground vibration monitoring during construction projects as part of company quality controls.This guide will explain, in an easy to follow and practical manner, the fundamentals of ground vibration and how to measure it in order to satisfy the above three points.

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