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Thread: Human Resource Management

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    Human Resource Management

    Could someone help me with picking a nice Vacation Tracking software or a nice Attendance tracking.
    I want something that be able to synchronize with Outlook calendar 2007 + and be able to handle department calendar and Admin calendar.
    Right now we are using But I do not want to pay. They are charging us 60 per month . I want a free solution and be able to use it off line. I want to have project management too. Has anyone used the or [GIVE another example of our URL]
    1 I want to track the vacation accrual
    2 Be able to run report for each month for each department.
    2 b Be able to submit a request on behalf of someone else.
    3 Be able to export to Peoplesoft.
    4 Be able to do Attendance tracking
    5 Vacation Management and Leave tracker.
    6 Be able to do Employee vacation schedule
    vacation track software

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    Re: Human Resource Management

    Here the given information is very useful to us so please keep such writing here also add more topic related to resume sample here.

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    Re: Human Resource Management

    Vacation Management and Leave tracker are indeed very beneficial for all organizations. These make work easier and save a lot of time. Who will not want to opt for such software’s? I too would like to know about getting these software’s.

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