Adhoc networks are primarily meant for use in military,emergency and rescue scenarios, where in spite of on existing infrastructure, decentralized, fast deployment, a network can be established. Nodes assist each other by passing data and control packets from source to destination, often beyond the wireless range of the original sender using multihop technique.

However this cooperation between nodes and rely on intermediate nodes for passing the packets to desired destination makes adhoc network vulnerable to different types of security attacks like malicious / selfish node attacks. The Black Hole problem is one of the Denial of Service attacks that occur in mobile adhoc networks (MANET). DOS is the one of the crucial active attack in adhoc networks. The active attack is at stake as in commercial or military environments. As this paper describe the activity of Black Hole node in AODV i.e. mainly used reactive routing protocol in MANET.

This paper also gives the overview of existing solution for black hole problem and proposes a novel approach to identify black hole node in adhoc networks. This solution purely based on Trust Based Secured (TBS) architecture without any malicious node's activity in MANET. It also provides an error free, secured route to two different peers.

Download detailed presentation on Black Hole Attack On AdHoc Networks from the attachment below