“Android Relays With Wi-Fi Interface” provides relay control in the palm of your hand. Android relay communicates and are controlled by android either through Wi-Fi or bluetooth. In today’s scenario portability and reliable distance control devices serves a majority of section and android relay is one such device. It facilitates the user by allowing them to control their devices with the help of their smartphone or tablet. These boards are controlled over a Wi-Fi (WLAN) connection or the internet through either your 3g, 4g, or a properly configured Local Area Network connection. These boards can also be controlled by an android phone directly through a bluetooth connection.

Smartphones and tablets which have become the part and parcel of almost every arena of life and has revolutionised the way technology has grabbed control of a major part of present lifestyle. Each and every thing is just at the distance of a single step, every thing truly automated with the assistance of apps. In this scenario the IORelay TCP Android app is used to control the devices when used with Wi-Fi interface and IORelay BT Android app is used when used with bluetooth interface.

WIFI interface, via WIFI connection for network control. Ethernet interface, through the general network cable connection way to control. Android Relays are available with SPDT 5, 10 and 20 amp, and SPST 30 amp relays installed. 5 channel large current output, 2 channel optocoupler input. Unique AP+STA working mode, can work as AP when join into router. This allows the module accept local mobile terminal (cell phones, tablet PC) control as AP, when join in router to connect outer net. Unique dual TCP connect control, corresponding with above trait, local as TCP server accept client control, when connect to remote server as TCP client. The controller uses ZBT module to give connectivity to it over bluetooth. The board supports high speed operation within the range of the bluetooth module.

This board do not require any sort of conventional programming for their operation. All that is required to be done is to download the respective app that is either IORelay TCP or IORelay BT according to the interface employed from Google Play marketplace and configure them according to the number of relays embodied in the system. Currently it allows the user to control up to 8 relays each with individual names. All that the user need to do is go to the configuration page and type in the IP Address, the port number the device is listening on and choose how many relays the board has. These controllers aid high speed operations and support multiple users.

This board facilitates the user to access their devices within minutes by an industry standard bluetooth connection. The controller uses ZBT module to give connectivity to it over bluetooth. Therefore, embodied with two latest interfacing techniques that is Wi-Fi interfacing and Bluetooth, android relays delineate the most influential remote relay control boards offering an efficient and trustworthy control mechanism. Life simplified just at the click of a button providing the most reliant system.