It is 2011 and you have a very important meeting with your business associates in Chennai. However you have visitors from Japan coming for a mega business deal the same day. Is there any technology by which you can deal with both of them? The answer is yes and the name of that technology is Tele-Immersion.

Tele-Immersion is a technology by which you‟ll interact instantly with your friend on the other side of the globe through a simulated holographic environment. This technology, which will come along with Internet2, will change the way we work, study and get medical help. It will change the way we live. Tele-Immersion (TI) is defined as the integration of audio and video conferencing, via image-based modeling, with collaborative virtual reality (CVR) in the context of data-mining & significant computation.

The 3D effect behind the tele-immersion makes it feel like the real thing. The ultimate goal of TI is not merely to reproduce a real face-to-face meeting in every detail, but to provide the “next generation” interface for collaborators, world-wide, to work together in a virtual environment that is seamlessly enhanced by computation and large databases. When participants are tele-immersed, they are able to see and interact with each other and objects in a shared virtual environment. Tele-immersion can be of immense use in medical industry and it also finds its application in the field of education CAVE.

Report is attached below on Tele Immersion