Unit - IBasic Concepts: Components of data communication, distributed processing, Lineconfiguration, topology, transmission mode, and categories of networks. OSI and TCP/IPModels: Layers and their functions, comparison of models. Digital Transmission: Interfaces andModems: DTE-DCE Interface, modems, cable modems. Transmission Media: Guided andunguided, Attenuation, distortion, noise, throughput, propagation speed and time, wavelength,Shannon Capacity.

Unit – IITelephony: Multiplexing, error detection and correction: Many to one, one to many, WDM,TDM, FDM, circuit switching, packet switching and message switching. Data Link controlprotocols: Line discipline, flow control, error control, synchronous and asynchronous protocolsoverview.ISDN: Services, historical outline, subscriber’s access, ISDN, Layers, and broadband ISDN.

Unit-IIIDevices: Repeaters, bridges, gateways, routers, The Network Layer, Design Issues, NetworkLayer Addressing and Routing concepts (Forwarding Function, Filtering Function);RoutingMethods (Static and dynamic routing, Distributed routing, Hierarchical Routing);DistanceVector Protocol, Link State protocol.

Unit – IVTransport and upper layers in OSI Model: Transport layer functions, connection management,Functions of session layers, Presentation layer, and Application layer.