As technology is advancing rapidly, network cards are becoming cheaper and much faster. With high speed network cards, remote access will become as fast as the local disk access, which makes possible diskless nodes. Diskless Computers do not have any hard-disk, floppy drives and tape drives. They offer significant savings in "Total Cost of Ownership" by eliminating the maintenance costs. When the diskless terminal boots, it downloads the necessary client software from the LTSP server, and from then on runs as a self-contained PC.

Diskless Linux computer will become immensely popular and will be the product of this century and in the next century. The diskless Linux computers will be very successful because of the availability of very high-speed network cards at very low prices. Today 100 Megabit per second (11.92 Megabytes per sec transfer rate) network cards are common and in about 1 to 2 years 1000 MBit (119.2 Megabytes per sec transfer rate) network cards will become very cheap and will be the standard.

In near future, Monitor manufacturers will place the CPU, NIC. RAM right inside the monitor to form a diskless computer!! This eliminates the diskless computer box and saves space. The monitor will have outlet for mouse, keyboard, network and power supply.

Download detailed report on Diskless Linux Terminal from the attachment below