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    Pdf 32 Home Networking PPT PDF Seminar Report & Presentation

    Home Networking is the collection of elements that process, manage, transport, and store information, enabling the connection and integration of multiple computing, control, monitoring, and communication devices in the home. The price of home computers keep falling, while the advantages for consumers from being connected online investing and shopping, keeping in touch with long distance friends and tapping the vast resource of the Internet CE keep multiplying. No wonder an increasing number of households own two or more PCs.

    Until recently, the home network has been largely ignored. However, the rapid proliferation of personal computers (PCs) and the Internet in homes, advancements in telecommunications technology, and progress in the development of smart devices have increasingly emphasized the need for an in home networking. Furthermore, as these growth and advancement trends continue, the need for simple, flexible, and reliable home networks will greatly increase.

    The latest advances in the Internet access technologies, the dropping of PC rates, and the proliferation of smart devices in the house, have dramatically increased the number of intelligent devices in the consumer's premises. The consumer electronics equipment manufacturers are building more and more intelligence into their products enabling those devices to be networked into clusters that can be controlled remotely.

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