Internet Data Centers (IDCs) are the computing centers of the future. With the emergence of the global marketplace, organizations of all sizes are feeling the pressure to extend their Internet presence around the world, conduct business on a 24x7 basis, and provide customers with 99.999% availability — all while reducing costs and keeping a sharp focus on their core business. Indeed, by utilizing IDCs and their economies of scale, companies can accrue the benefits of a world-class infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of dedicated, on-site facilities.

Even some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) locate their equipment in Internet data centers to gain benefits including high-speed, multi-homed Internet connectivity, geographic distribution; high security; redundant backup power, air conditioning, and fire suppression; and skilled network and system administration staff. The wide availability of key applications, scalability, and both hardware and software reliability are reasons why IDCs are choosing Sun servers to manage their operations.

Sun‟s Netra™ server product line delivers carrier-grade reliability in compact, rack-mount NEBS Level 3 certified packages. Sun‟s Enterprise server products include new rack-mount systems supporting up to four processors. As more processing capacity is required, Sun‟s Enterprise servers can host up to 64 UltraSPARC™ processors in a single, symmetric multiprocessing system. All in all, Sun provides the most reliable, flexible, and scalable platform for hosting critical management systems — resulting in increased responsiveness and greater quality of service for customers.

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