OpenMosix is a Linux kernel extension for single-system image clustering. This kernel extension turns a network of ordinary computers into a cluster computer for Linux applications. Once we have installed OpenMosix, the nodes in the cluster start talking to one another and the cluster adapts itself to the work load. Processes originating from any one node, if that node is too busy compared to others, can migrate to any other node. With OpenMosix' Auto Discovery, a new node can be added while the cluster is running and the cluster will automatically begin to use the new resources.

There is no need to program applications specifically for OpenMosix. Since all OpenMosix extensions are inside the kernel, every Linux application automatically and transparently benefits from the distributed computing concept of OpenMosix. OpenMosix is a free cluster management system was originally forked from MOSIX by Moshe Bar. It allows program processes (not threads) to migrate to machines in the node's network that would be able to run that process faster (process migration). It is particularly useful for running parallel and intensive input/output (I/O) applications. It is released as a Linux kernel patches, but is also available on specialized Live CDs.

Download detailed report from the attachment below on OpenMosix.