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Thread: Optical Networks PDF Download Seminar & PPT Presentation

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    Pdf 32 Optical Networks PDF Download Seminar & PPT Presentation

    Modern optical transport networks consist primarily of optical switches interconnected using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) transmission systems. In this presentation, we review the basic characteristics of optical transmission and switching systems. Specifically, we describe the working principles that guide the generation and reception of optical signals and its transmission through the optical fiber. We also review the technological foundation behind optical switching, an important element of modern optical transport networks.

    The discussion in this presentation highlights the physical properties of optical networks, many of which may appear as constraints in the control plane.

    Advantages of Optical Transmission
    • Large bandwidth permits high data transmission, which also supports the aggregation of voice, video, and data
    • Technological improvements are occurring rapidly, often permitting increased capacity over existing optical fiber
    • Immunity to electromagnetic interference reduces bit error rate and eliminates the need for shielding within or outside a building
    • Glass fiber has low attenuation, which permits extended cable transmission distance
    • Light as a transmission medium provides the ability for the use of optical fiber in dangerous environments
    • Optical fiber is difficult to tap, thus providing a higher degree of security than possible with copper wire
    • Light weight and small diameter of fiber permit high capacity through existing conduits

    Feel free to ask any query on Optical Networks

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    Re: Optical Networks PDF Download Seminar & PPT Presentation

    I had not found any ppt or any good presentation optical fiber cable/optical fiber cable under sea. please mail this on my mail id.thanks a lot.

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