As networks incorporate more and more devices and span multiple location effectively removing the network perimeter they become increasingly vulnerable to threats. Such threats include theft of confidential data hacks and malicious code -providing unguarded entry into corporate networks and IT systems. To provide high performance security solutions that protect data, application and infrastructure equipment manufacturers are trying to integrate security solutions even-at the chip level.

This need has led to the development of a new class of chip known as secure embedded processors which integrates the security functions and embedded processor in a system-on-chip fashion While dedicated processors have be employed widely in communication equipment over the last few years to ensure maximum protection of data, both enterprise and SOHO customers are demanding security be embedded in the networking devices. This need can be satisfied by the use of secure embedded processors, which can be embedded in the devices directly. And a high performance boost and stronger security solution over the current stand-alone security processors.

Various security protocols included in the security systems are added to the secure embedded processors so that the complete security functions can be off loaded from the host processors. So that it integrates protocol intelligent hardware to a processor The growing need to better protect data communications, while enabling high performance network systems, has driven the demand for a wide range of security processors and secure processors, from stand-alone security coprocessors to protocol-hardened security engines, which have become an essential part of integrated communication processors.

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