ShotCode is a circular barcode created by OP3.It uses a dartboard-like circle, with a bulls eye in the centre and datacircles surrounding it. The technology reads databits from these datacircles by measuring the angle and distance from the bulls eye for each.

ShotCodes are designed to be read with a regular camera (including those found on mobile phone and webcams) without the need to purchase other specialised hardware. Because of the circular design, it is also possible for software to detect the angle from which the barcode is read. ShotCodes differ from matrix barcode in that they do not- store regular data - rather, they store an encoded URL which the reading device can connect to in order to download said data.

By using the ShotCode technology, you can make anything in print intractive! Through ShotCodes you can achieve many things:
l.Let your customers signup trials.
2. Let your customers receive free coupons
3. Enter into a personalized dialogue with your customer
4. Setup a loyalty system, where you can reward your customer.
5. Download content to your mobile directly from print or screen etc.

By making your offline media interactive you enable your customers to instantly act on your offer, instantly view additional information, instantly interact with you... Basically consumers can now .Act on impulse, all you need to do is give them that chance!

Download report on Shotcodes from the attachment below