Today incerasing number of applications demand a committed bandwidth and high speed for their transmission but still there is already an urgent need of secure data transmission . This paper simply define the group signature and zero knowledge proofs protocols and applying these protocols we can prevent misuse of group signatures and the technique of group signatures can be used more effectively.

Group Signature, introduced by David Chaum and Eugene Van Heyst, CWI Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, Netherlands. A series of improvements and enhancements followed [1,2,3,4,5]. Group Signature is a technique which allows only the members of a Group to sign a message without revealing the identity of signer but a group authority can verify the signer of a group. In Toto Group Signatures are a "generalization" of credential mechanism and membership (authentication) schemes, in which a group a group member can convince a verifier that he belongs to a certain group, without revealing his identity.

Download detailed report on Authentication Protocol from the attachment below